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Canon rebel t7 not in focus


When I try to take a picture and but the camera both on manual focus and auto focus the camera does not make the image fully in focus and it just makes the edges of the photo in focus and everything else blurry or what’s in the middle in focus and the edges all blurry. No matter what aperture I have it on the camera isn’t making the image fully in focus. I put it also on auto setting and it’s still not in focus. And I reset all of the settings g and it still is y focusing. It has never done this before and now all of the sudden it’s not making my image focused.


 Here are the images and this is the best it would focus. As you can see it’s blurry all around the edge and the aperture was around 6 or 7 but no matter how high or low the aperture the camera would not focus 





First and foremost, welcome to the forum.  Let’s review your issue.

if you are manually focusing the lens, then do not blame the gear if the image is not focused to your satisfaction.  I should note that the T7 is optimized for using autofocus lenses, not manual focusing by the user.  This means it is not easy to do because they are no manual focusing aids built into the camera.

What lens are you using?  Is the auto focus in the lens actually working?  It is all to easy jam up the AF motors in the 18-55mm kit lens.  There is a very long thread in these forums about that exact topic.  Test your camera by focusing on subjects at different distances.

What are your exposure settings?  Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO in your sample images?

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Have you tried a different lens?  If that's happening on more than one lens, then it's probably camera-related. If it only happens on one lens, then it's lens-related.

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As @Waddizzle said using MF is up to you. The camera will NOT help you use MF. So if the picture is out of focus it's on you. Modern DSLRs ARE NOT designed for use with MF lenses. What lens are you using please list the full name of the lens. Is this happening with 1 lens or multiple. If you're using the kit lens. Please list the entire name of the lens. Canon has released multiple EF-S 18-55mm lenses. They've also released other lenses with multiple revisions too. So the full name is important. Not just parts of names.


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First, welcome to the community. One thought, in addition to the replies, is the use of a tripod. I took some photos back in August of an awards part of a conference. Duh! I neglected to use the tripod and some of the photos were blurred. Are you using a tripod? My list is displayed here.

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I own a Rebel T7, and I think I know what is wrong. With manual focus - it's hard to focus it perfectly. However, I would say with the auto mode, try aperture at its lowest. If that doesn't work, use settings on the camera to try detecting the lens, and if it shows a different lens, it's a problem. If it says that something's wrong or it doesn't detect the lens, try another lens, elsewise, it's a lens problem. 

Hope his helps - AdventurePhoto

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