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Canon rebel t5 camera or lens wont focus

Hi, i have had my camera for a good 2-3 years and it had been great! I took a year off using it. Anyways i just picked it up again and it was working for as long as i can remember, the lens or the camera wont focus, like in autofocus the circle ring thing spins perfect you know? But it just wont find the focus like its not there. So i read the forums and some said make shre the AF IS ON AF or whatever and so i checked and it was, so i changed to the MF setting and i tried to manually focus it and it wouldnt completely focus, it would just get the background wrickles. I have been using this camera for the purpose of taking pictures of clothes and i RARELY get the wrinkles in the background and if i do i just make sure i retake the photo. I changed the lense to the one that takes close up photos, and i still cant tell if it’s any better i feel like its a tab bit better, my boyfriend says its better completely. Im thinking of just getting a new camera in general.

Rising Star

With a fully charged battery reset camera to default  and try using the timer to let all mechanism work in the first place. If it has not been used for a long time the software is not fully energized and some electonic parts are not heated up. Other causes like dull contact of lens and camera body, turn off lens distortion/ corrections, dust in mirror makes dull autofocus.


Can you post us a sample photo?  What lens are you using?  Exactly?

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