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Canon r5, files corrupted while shooting electronic shutter and battery died.


I am a professional photographer and videographer. I have been shooting since the 70's. Digital card management is something I adhere to. I was on a photo shoot, wildlife, the camera was set to electronic shutter, iso auto, f8 and ss 1/2500. The battery died while I was shooting. Periodically, I was reviewing the images and checking the histogram. After the battery (Canon LP-E6NH) died, I called it a day. I went home to download the images, there was nothing on the either CFast or the sd card (Prograde). Question: Can the cards get corrupted if the camera powers down while it is writing files and is still buffering those files? I tried Recuva to see if I can recover the files, but they appear to be totally wiped from both cards. The sd card was formatted in the camera, the Cfast had over 400 GB available and was not newly formatted that day.



You can always try Photorec. There is a setting to keep even corrupted files. If the option Keep Broken Files is enabled, PhotoRec saves this file as b(roken), otherwise it discards this file.

Anyway, in Options, enable the expert mode, start a recovery, choose a blocksize of 512, use the default options otherwise.

Because you shoot CR3 files you will need to select the file family .mov




I've been using AngeBird CFExpress B and Prograde SD's in my R5 C.  I don't believe your issues is caused by the brand of media you are using.  I've shot to completely dead.  I would expect to lose anything in the buffer which has not been written to a card, but haven't lost an entire card.  I rarely shoot bursts.  I don't think losing an entire card is normal.  I format my cards fairly regularly (in camera) and don't move them between other body's.  I typically write video to CF Express B and photos to SD.  Peter's PhotoRec recommendation is a good one.  I've used it previously on failed disks.  Works great on memory cards as well. 

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