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Canon camera connect issues with connecting to smartphone or ipad


I am a long time canon user since 10 years now and I have enjoyed the hardware but the software well it almost makes me want to switch to another brand I am so fed up now.


I have used canon camera connect for 2 years now and for the first year it worked great and it was CONSISTENT.


Now when I use it it doesn’t even work.


The camera is able to connect but when I am asked to select either All Images or Today or X days then after whatever I select I am greeted by a Connection Failed to Camera error.


I am using EOS M6 with both my Android phone and IPad but both have the exact same results.


Have tried so far reinstalling the app on both IPad and smartphone with a hard reset between attempts.

I have also tried resetting the camera`s wireless settings to no avail.


What other options are open to me?  I do not travel with a laptop and only the iPad and smartphone so transferring via USB is not available.  I really want to continue using Canon as the hardware is awesome and I am already invested into it with some expensive glass already.  But I am ready to just sell it all and move on from this piece of junk of software.  


How can it be so polar opposites from one company.  Please advise.



Hello Trisfae,

There are some things that we would like to check.

First, in the iOS Wi-Fi settings

1. Go to Settings> Wi-Fi on the iOS device and touch the little blue "i" in a circle next to the camera's SSID (which should show connected, but may not).

2. Choose "Forget This Network".

3. Then, start from the beginning to re-establish a Wi-Fi connection between the iOS device and the camera.

The second part we would like to check is below.

At times, the Canon Camera Connect application for iOS may behave incorrectly when attempting to connect an iOS device to a camera via Wi-Fi. Deleting the app's saved state in the background can oftentimes correct this. This does not harm the app or the device and simply causes the app to launch with a default "state", which can eliminate many issues that prevent the app from connecting to the camera and performing correctly.

To delete the saved state for Canon Camera Connect, do one of the following:

On an iOS device with a Home Button (prior to the iPhone X):
Delete the app's saved state by double-clicking the home button, scroll through the saved states of the apps and find the Canon Camera Connect app, then swipe it up to delete it.
Re-launch the app.

On the iPhone X:

1. Swipe up from the bottom to the middle of your screen and hold until you see the App Switcher.

2. Swipe left or right to find the Camera Connect app.

3. Swipe up on the Camera Connect app to delete it's background saved state.

4. Re-launch the app.

NOTE: If the Canon Camera Connect app is not performing properly or the camera does not remain connected when attempting to connect with Canon Camera Connect, always attempt to delete the saved state of the app BEFORE uninstalling and re-installing the app and before doing a hard re-boot of the device. This should be troubleshooting step #1 when troubleshooting Canon Camera Connect.

We also recommended ensuring that your iOS device is updated to the latest version.


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Hello, I have now tried forgetting the network and trying again to no avail.


Between every attempt I close the app and remove the saved state on both my ipad and smartphone.


this happens regardless of my network options, i tried using the camera’s wifi access point option as well but get the same old connection failed when I select ‘All Images’ or any other option when prompted to select.


I have also tried the easy connection guide and also just trying to connect and it is the same result.  It always finds the camera but when prompted to select how many images to view when just connecting it gives connection failed after I select all images or any of the other options, the easy connection guide is the same when selecting all images or even just today same old connection failed.


what a total bummer I have been on vacation and this is the worst timing as I cannot share my photos with my relatives


no point taking photos as we can only see them on my small lcd screen on the camera.


this wasn’t the case before when I did have troubles with canon camera connect the resetting of wifi or settings has worked before even though it was PITA I put up with it but this time is really the final straw for me too much grief not enough results


it isn’t anyone specific fault but man oh man this is the real stinker for sure I can’t recommend Canon to anyone at this rate




Hey there,

I wonder if anything else changed about the same time this started happening. For instance, did you begin shooting RAW or recording movies? Also, does this happen with more than just the one SD card?


Hi Mark I always have shot jpeg only and have recorded movies and connected before. I have not tried another SD card but will do so next. I have a spare with me on hand. Thanks for your suggestion.

I've never seen a decent camera software in my life, and without pointing fingers I can tell Canon is NOT the worst lol.

The integrated wifi cards in all cameras are weak, and painfully slow, even in close proximity to the router. The only thing that works reasonably well is an external wifi adapter, like the one you can get for the 1dx2.


If nothing changed in your network - it seems like a you're having a camera hardware issue.


If you have a lighting link port on your iPad - give the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader a try. It's fast and reliable. If you have the newest Pro - their USB-C to SD Card Reader is the way to go.

@docusync wrote:

I've never seen a decent camera software in my life, and without pointing fingers I can tell Canon is NOT the worst lol.

The integrated wifi cards in all cameras are weak, and painfully slow, even in close proximity to the router. The only thing that works reasonably well is an external wifi adapter, like the one you can get for the 1dx2.


How much distance from the router are you talking about?  Granted, the Wi-Fi in camera bodies can be slow, but I have not ran into a distance issue when using my camera.  Wi-Fi is not slow because of distance.  It seems to be by design.


The only time distance becomes an issue for me is when I reach the limits of the wireless router.  Not only does the camera lose communication, but so does my lap top, smart phone, or iPad.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

So I actually didn't have a spare SD card on hand but I found one and stuck it in and it works.


I did some more research and it says that if I go over 1000 images it can give me this connection error but I had more than 5000+ images on the card and I was able to connect and use it even much after 1000 images had been passed.


I don't know why but it must have just gotten fed up with the sheer amount of data on the SD card.


Anyways the new SD card I have now is working and it connects just like it should.  Thanks for the patience and provinding some alternatives to my problem.  I hope that others that may be facing such an issue will not just try resetting the wireless settings and reconfiguring the connection instead try a different SD card if your SD card has a lot of data and or is an older card.



Just as an aside, I have always found the simplest, fastest, and most hassle free transfer method is to get a card reader.  SD card readers for the Apple Lightning connector are readily available, inexpensive, and totally reliable.  Unless you use and need some of the remote functions offered via a WiFi connection, just get yourself a card reader for future transfers.


I also wonder why you keep thousands of images on your SD card.  IMHO, you should be storing them on something like iCloud ... easily set up on your iPad.  If your card is damaged, corrupted, or lost ... you lose it all without a backup.

Yes I got a card reader to get the images off the old sd card on my laptop at home.

I do backup to cloud but I never delete the images on the sd card hence the large count of old images o the card. I save the SD cards as archive.
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