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Canon T6i - Cannot take photo


Suddenly my camera will not focus or take photos. I am aware it will not take the photo because the AF isnt working. I have tried MF which only works sometimes. I have also tried all shooting modes (manual works more often than the others). The camera will take a few photos then stop focusing and do nothing, it wont even turn off when i try to. 


The only way i have gotten it to work is to switch it to video and once i hear the shutter tick over i switch it back. Then as before it may take a few photos then stops focusing.


Any ideas? I am wondering if it could be the sensor and shutter. In auto mode it is choosing a 15" shutter speed...



Something sound peculiar about what you're saying.  I have never known MF to "works sometimes."  


Go into the menus and reset the camera back to factory defaults, and try a different lens, if you have a second one.

"The right mouse button is your friend."