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Canon T5i- Movie Recording has been Stopped Automatically


Hi everyone,


I am having issues with my Canon T5i. Every time I try to record a video a message shows up that says, "movie recording has been stopped automatically". I read online that the issue is most likely that the SD card is not fast enough, however my SD card has the 80 MB/s that other people who've had the same problem have been recommending. My SD card is a 32GB 80MB/s Ultra PLUS SanDisk Class 10. So I'm not exactly sure why my camera is continuing to show the same message. Any suggestions?


Thanks so much


How long does it record before it stops?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

The longest it was able to record was around 2 minutes and 47 seconds, but after that it would only record for 14 seconds or so. I just went to see the Geek Squad at Best Buy, but they weren't able to help me. The best guess that they made was that my SD card might be too old to record long amounts of footage, but my SD is only 2 years old.

Be aware of heat building up on the sensor.  The camera displays warning icons, so refer to your manual to see what the two warning icons look like.

Try recording video clips in their own folders.

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