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Canon T3i to Iphone Imports


Hi! Can you help me with all the options I can do on how can I import my photos & videos from Canon T3i to my iphone please? Would love to have options without involving camera to computer to iphone. Camera T3i straight directly to Iphone would be great!! Thank you in advance 🙂


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Greetings Hyacienth,

Canon does not offer support for transferring pictures from the EOS Rebel T3i camera to an iPhone since this camera model does not include built-in wireless functionality. You may check to see if there are external card readers that are available from third-party vendors that allows for you to remove the card from the camera and insert it into the card reader that would be attached to the iPhone. Please refer to Apple for further assistance if you are to use a card reader to download photos to your iPhone.

Hi there. I appreciate this. Will try that. Thank you!


Depending upon which iPhone you have, you may be able to use one of Apple's photo connecting kit.  e.g. a special cable that would have an SD card slot on one end, and either a lightning or USB-C connector on the other end (whichever would work with your phone).

Note though that if you're capturing images in RAW, that may not import.   JPEG images though should import.

Note also that videos may not be importable.   Ironically, Apple's own Movie format (files ending with .MOV) gets complicated an such files created by cameras may not be transferable directly to iPhones or iPads.    Instead, you'd need to first copy those movies to a computer, then re-export them to a suitable format for viewing on an Apple device.


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All correct. 😀

Here I demonstrate connection using a dongle and card reader.  This was on Android, but iPhone should work the same.  

Connecting Canon EOS Rebel T5 to my Android phone ... - Page 2 - Canon Community

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