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Canon Rebel T6i




I have a Canon Rebel T6i with a 18-55mm lens. I am having trouble taking pictures through the viewfinder there is a flashes 15" at the bottom left side of the viewfinder. What does that mean? It takes pictures through the twisty screen just not the viewfinder. I have tried removing the sd card, battery & lens. Not of that has worked.


Please let me know what you think!




Additionally, this problem only started to occur when I was taking my camera out in the cold weather. 


Start by resetting the camera to Defaults.  Retest and post back with those results.

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I reset both the functions option and settings option. Still having the issue. 

What mode are you in? Green Square? M? P?

I was in the green square mode. 

"I reset both the functions option and settings option."


Did you go in the menus under tools and do clear all settings?  That is a reset to factory. There may be some custom settings that need to be reset also. Consult your manual about resetting the camera.

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15" indicates your shutter speed set at 15 seconds

Is 15 an okay number for the shutter speed to be set at? I don't really understand shutter speed. I am still learning my camera and don't understand everything. Also, it's blinking so what would that mean? 

Was the lens cap on? That says that the camera tested the exposure and found the scene so dark that it wanted to set the shutter to 15 seconds - a long time 1/60 second is more typical - and it is blinking to indicate that the exposure will still be too dark. Sounds like you damaged the exposure chip in the cold.


Can you see through the viewfinder?