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Canon RP shutter problem


I seem to be having a problem with my Canon RP camera that started the other night though at the time it only happened like once or twice so I thought nothing of it, until today when it started happening at random but frequently.

When I pressed the trigger to take a picture you could hear the shutter open but then nothing at all as the viewfinder went dark / black, and so did the lcd screen. This lasted for like 20 or 30 seconds (or longer) before it finally made the click / closing sound of the shutter, but then a "Busy" notice popped up for the following 30 or 45 seconds approx during which time both the  viewfinder and lcd were still completely dark / black. The photograph was ruined as it looked as if I has taken a long bulb exposure 


Has anyone else experienced this issue at all ???


I'm going to try and do a test later today that I will video record with my back up camera, so I can see if I can show exactly what is happening. Along with what settings it haapens or doesn't happen on, as I generally shoot in AV mode doing macro phtography. But know this has also happened in Manual, and Bulb mode (I was doing some astrophotography the other night), so I'll have to try other settings / modes to see if it happens on them also .................. 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


I would recommend exactly what you said, first trying different shooting modes in regular lighting conditions without any accessories attached aside from the lens, memory card and OEM battery to see if the issue persists. At the very least automatic mode should use typical shutter speeds, manual exposure should keep teh shutter open only as long as the shutter speed indicates and bulb should only stay open as ong as you hold the shutter down.


If these modes do not produce the expected results, I would recommend resetting the camera settings to factory defaults in your camera's setup menu and trying again. If the issue persists through that then it may be a good idea to have the camera checked out by a service technician.

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