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Canon R8 won't turn on unless I remove/replace battery


I bought a new R8 in September along with an extra Canon battery. For about the last month or so, whenever I would turn on the camera after not having used it for a while (4, 5+ hours), it wouldn't turn on. I would switch it off, remove the battery, reinsert it, and then it would turn on. The battery was charged, and I even put it back on the charger to top it off, just to confirm, but the issue persisted.

After a few days of testing and switching between the battery it came with and the extra battery I got, I noticed that the issue only showed up with the extra battery, despite it also being a Canon LP-E17. On 11/13 I sent the battery back to Canon since it's still under warranty, and until today, 11/21, the issue hadn't shown up again. Now I'm sure that the issue is with the camera itself, unless I'm just 0-2 with these batteries.

Has anyone experienced this and/or have any suggestions on what the issue could be? Thank you.

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