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Canon R8 not remembering shutter speed or aperture settings in FV mode


I have a Canon R8 and I use it mainly in FV mode, where I manually set the shutter, speed and aperture and let the camera set ISO automatically. Whilst I am using the camera, this works well and the camera remembers my settings. However, if I don’t touch anything for a few minutes and the camera goes into sleep mode, when I restart it by touching the shutter button, the camera comes back to life but it has not remembered my shutter speed or aperture settings and frequently puts these back into automatic. As you can imgine this is very annoying! Does anyone know if this is a design feature of this particular camera or if I have a fault or if I am using it incorrectly?

If this is a design feature of the R8 does anyone know if the R7 has the same set up or will the R7 remember my settings when woken from sleep mode like the R5 does? Thanks 


Fv mode will remember whatever it is that you configure it to remember.  I never use it because it is far too easy to accidentally change something that you do not wish to change.  

I suggest that you use M mode with ISO set to Auto.

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