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Canon R7 overheating video error


I just bought an R7 from a friend who had it for a month and wanted to film some video in CLOG3 4k Fine/4k UHD. Both when using internal recording and when hooked up to an Atomos Ninja, I get video artefacts both on screen and on the video feed after about 35 minutes. I guess it could be something related to camera warm up, but the overheat slider does never reach a high level. Is it supposed to do that?




You do not have a warranty, so contacting Canon Support about a repair is not an option.  My advice to you is to test the camera outdoors under natural lighting on a sunny day.  If the issue still persists, then get a refund from your friend.

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That's a legal issue, I can always get my friend to go and get the warranty repair. The camera was bought in March. Anyway, the problem appeared in a room with AC on. After letting the camera cool down for about an hour, I got about 1 hour and 20 minutes of CLOG3 4k UHD (not Fine) until the card was full, and had no problems. Also no overheating warning whatsoever. So.. does anybody have a similar camera and a similar experience with 4kFine after recording 35+ minutes?