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Canon R6 Mark II LCD screen went black! HELP!


Help!! In the middle of a session, my LCD screen went black. You can tell it is still lit up, but it is just black. I’ve tried resetting my camera settings. I made sure nothing was blocking the sensor. I tried switching settings, pressing info, etc. but it is still doing the same thing. I’ve turned it off multiple times. Tried different batteries. Different lens, etc. The view finder is working perfectly fine. Just not the lcd screen. 


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There is a setting in the menus to always use the viewfinder for display. Did this get set?

Screenshot 2023-08-22 235541.jpg

I had it set to screen only. Does that make a difference? That’s what my settings have always been and it never did this. But I did try changing it to every setting to see if it would make a difference and nothing happened. It’s like, the screen is turning on… but it’s black. You can see that it’s lit though. 

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Does the screen display the menus ok or doesn't it ever display anything? I would reset camera settings and custom functions as I mentioned previously.

It doesn’t show anything. I will try the custom settings as well. Is there anything else that could be causing this? Or is this looking like a repair? The camera is only 6 months old 😕 

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If you have reset the camera settings and custom functions to default and it still doesn't work, it looks like it needs to be repaired. It should be under warranty then.

Unfortunately I made a mistake and didn’t realize I wasn’t buying from canon and so it’s not under warranty. 

I can only see the settings through the view finder if the screen is closed. If it’s open, the screen is black lit. 

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If that setting is not the problem, try resetting the camera settings and custom functions back to default.

I did try resetting the camera settings as well. But I never had any custom settings setup, so I didn’t do those. Any other settings that should be reset? 

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