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Canon R6 Keeps Changing Itself to Auto ISO


I recently upgraded one camera from the Canon 5D Mark IV to an R6. I have noticed that during the reception while I'm using my Flashpoint (Godox) AD-200 strobes that my camera will not stay on manual ISO. After a few shots, the R6 keeps switching itself back to auto ISO. It is driving me batty. I've googled it and I'll I've found to do is limit my camera on how far of a range I will allow it to auto-adjust itself to. I haven't found a way to disable auto ISO altogether or found a reason as to why my camera keeps doing this.

My setup is the Canon R6 with the R2 Mark II ETTL Wireless Flash Trigger (with the newest firmware installed) and a Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT on top. The trigger is controlling two AD200 with strobe head. 

The secondary problem I've been having is that while using this setup every now and then I'll take a photo and get a magenta cast.



I do not own the R6.  But, the only time my [DSLR] camera settings revert to previous settings, or change on their own, is when I am using a custom shooting mode with the Auto Update feature disabled.

As far as images with a magenta [tint] go, I have seen that in JPGs when the WB is set for flash, and the flash does not fire at the correct time, or not at all.

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