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Canon R5 horizontal green line


My Canon R5 has two grey green horizontal lines about 1/4 from the top and 1/4 from the bottom.  Just started a few weeks ago.  I did factory reset and update software to version 1.6. Lines still there.  Talked to Pete on customer rep phone line and he told me they were Normal, and would always be there.  They were not there before.  The photos are fine, only the viewfinder in camera and lcd show the lines.  Should I send the camera back and how do I do that? I have another trip  coming up soon, how long will it take if I send it in for repairs?  Thanks C6FE15F1-0AD3-4CDB-87DC-26036F805565.jpeg


Rising Star

You have set "Cropping/aspect ratio" to 16:9 or similar, and you have set "shooting area" to "Outlined".  See page 142 on of the manual.

I don't know why a factory reset wouldn't fix this, unless you have saved this as a custom setting or something.