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Canon R3 not turning on


So I've also had this problem with my R5 and now my R3. Turn on the camera and nothing. If I remove and reinsert the battery? It turns on. When I got the R3 I updated the firmware and initially that seemed to fix it but I was shooting an event last night and it started this again. Turn on. Pull battery. Reinsert battery. I have tested this with and without the EF-R adapter and with several lenses (RF 24-105, EF 70-200, Sigma 24-70) and every situation I have the same issue.

I've seen that this was an issue and wondered if anyone has figured out what causes this? Thanks!



If you have GPS enabled when the camera is “OFF”, then disable it.

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GPS is disabled. Did a factory reset on it and will reinstall the firmware.

Installing firmware on a camera that is exhibiting electronic malfunctions such as locking up is highly inadvisable.  What if it decides to lock up in the middle of the installation?  I’d try a new memory card before I’d try a firmware update, which rarely fixes electronic malfunctions, anyway.  How could it?

Has the GPS always been disabled?  If you did a factory reset, then give it some time to see if the issue resurfaces.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

GPS has never been turned on. 

I have the same issue. Only with the EF-RF adapter.
Sometimes it happens when i turn on the power switch - most of the time it happens in powersafe - trying to reactive the camera.

Firmware 1.5.1 seems to fix similar issues - but it didn't fix this for me.

Canon EOS R3, EF-RF Adapter, EOS 16-35mm and 100-400mm. The 16-35mm is the worst in this case...

Is there any solution?


Same issue for me on R3. First time it happened as I arrived somewhere, I thought the battery was dead, and said, 'I guess I won't be taking any photos today'. I've since learned the remove/reinsert battery trick. I'm on firmware 1.6.0. I don't know if it's relevant, but I use GPS mode 2. 

Why don’t you want to try disabling GPS?  It is a known issue.  Try disabling it, as well as Wi-Fi and GPS, too.  If that does not correct your issues, then please start a new thread.

"The right mouse button is your friend."
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