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Canon R3 freezes for a long time


Hy guys,

Bought my R3 in January this year.

Configured my way, as a Sports Photographer, and all went smooth until this week. In two soccer games, my R3 just freezed up, and i mean, is was "dead" for taking photos.

The screen was still active, but blurred with no focus system activated , the shutter was dead too, as all the buttons. This took like 30 secs to 1min and re-established itself. Had this like 4 times in row, until i took out the battery, and turned it on.

I was in panic, as i was shooting a league match, and next week i will have Champions and Europa League matches.

Anyone with similar problems? I read a thread stating the problem was the GPS, but i have it disabled.

Doesn't seem to be the card, but i noticed that the freezes came when i was editing to my agency. Seemed like the camera went to sleep and took a long time to became available again

Any help would be appreciated as Canon wants to pick up the camera but i don´t know how much time, without the camera, is involved.

Thanks in advance.







Think for a moment about any changes you might have made.  Hardware wise, lens, cards? 

What you are describing does sound like the GPS issue reported by others.  

What firmware version are you running? 

Bay Area - CA

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No changes at all. The camera is configured like the first time i dis in January

It has the latest firmware 1.3.0. I will send it to Canon.







Hi, I just joined the forum. I use a range of lenses with my R3 and recently auto focus has "failed at a distance" when using standard auto focus, regardless of the lens attached. When I enable "eye control" it works fine.

This has been my only issue thus far but worth mentioning.

With any of my Canon professional line of cameras over the years, the freeze up has occured but not frequently enough to worry me. When it does happen I shut it off, pull the battery, replace and turn back on. Always takes care of the issue.



I also had this problem a few times with my r5 and r. On the r5 I sometimes need to pull the battery but some of the times its just the evf freezing but eventually come up again, after many missed shot oportunities. Is this your 1st mirrorless?