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Canon R10 - problem with wifi and


Hi everyone
I am stuck and need your advice.
When using my canon r10 I use my phone as a location device for my camera. I active this function by opening the camera connect app. This works fine!
After shooting I want to transfer my photos to Lightroom using and for some reason my camera refuses to connect to wifi. The display says wifi off. Even though I navigate to the wifi/Bluetooth connection and choose upload to and it tells me to turn off the camera and turn on again to send automatically it still does not work! 
What am I doing wrong?

Can someone give me some advice?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello carl84,

I would suggest taking a look at the battery level to start with. If the battery level gets low, wireless communication will be disabled. Make sure that the WI-FI is not set to Airplane mode on the camera as well. Let's verify that we are using the version 1.4.0 (or above) of the mobile app. 


Thank you for your advice. After trying again it worked. Might have had something to do with my own wifi. 

Sorry for not responding that fast. The mail notifications from USA canon ended up in my trash folder.