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Canon R10 HDR PQ


Can anyone explain HDR PQ on the R10 camera?  Like, please dumb it down a little.  I don't know much about camera settings, or picture profiles, etc.  When I film using HDR PQ, the camera screen shows the video image to be an orange color temperature, but when I look at it in Davinci Resolve, it's VERY green and somewhat desaturated.  I don't have an HDR monitor so maybe that's why it's not accurate.

I like the idea of using 10bit in this camera, but I can't get it to look right.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Henyachi,

Thanks for checking with us.

When working with HDR footage in Resolve, you'll want to make sure that you're using an optimized HDR workflow to make sure the colors display correctly. I won't be able to go into that here, but you can try searching for something like "HDR workflow in Resolve" on your favorite search engine, and you might find some tutorials to get you started.

To see if the color cast is program specific, you can try checking the footage in other players that support HDR. A free, open source option is VLC, which you can get from the link below: