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Canon R - images appearing dull after uploading to iPhoto



I recently switched from a 6D mark II camera to the mirrorless r camera. I have enjoyed using the canon r but the pictures I take appear dull and faded once I upload them to iPhoto. I never had a problem with image quality or richness of color with my old camera. I am so frustrated. I figured the r was a better camera and I am really feeling like I should go back to dslr and this point because I can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. All of my camera settings are fine- it's something not the editing side. Can someone help!? 

I've included an untouched photo that I took today - so bland. ew. 106A7382.jpeg


You have a good reply here from @rs-eos . It seems to me you are doing the right thing by exposing for what is important in the scene.

I have the camera set to use the "standard" picture style, but I have also used "faithful" and I use auto white balance in the camera. I have the camera set to save both raw and JPEG and usually change the white balance in the free to download Canon DPP program. The Apple also seems to me to work well with Canon raw files. The key is that the raw file allows one to change the white balance later after the photo has been made. The in camera JPEG provides a preview.

The Canon DPP software will enable you to recover highlights and extend the dynamic range slightly.




This image looks overexposed.  I would use 1-pt (center) AF, One Shot AF mode, and Evaluative Metering for this type of shot.

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