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Canon R-R6-R5 - NO electronic level with external monitor


Hello, im a Real Estate photographer. I bought an external monitor specifically the Feelworld lut 6. All works 100% correctly on my Eos R but the electronic level does not show. I have tried all the possible configurations without any results. I know Sony can manage this. So im about to upgrade to R6 mkII. Can someone test test this issue?




Greetings ,

I was just watching a YouTube video on this topic last weekend.  I have not confirmed the feature on the R, R6 or R5, but I can tell you that this capability does not exist on the R5 C currently.

I haven't heard from anyone using an external display with their R62 yet, but hopefully someone can confirm the absence or presence of this feature.

Depending on what you find, you can make a feature request with Canon on the support portal. [+]Feedback is hidden down at the very bottom of the page, then select product.

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Where exactly is the feedback option? 

This is horrendous that such a modern camera has such a limited hdmi options. 

Canon is very far behind on that compared to Nikon and Sony.