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Canon M50 screen no longer works


I'm able to turn the on the camera, shoot pics, record videos, change settings only when using the viewfinder, however the display screen no longer works. A green light briefly appears when the camera is turned on and flickers when recording. How can I enable the screen to work so i can see what I'm recording?




I think some history about your device would be helpful.  Did you buy it new, are you the original owner, etc. 

Do you have another battery and memory card to test it with?

Since your camera has an articulating screen, please change its position to various different angles to see if the screen works in a different position.  

Now power the camera off, and remove its lens and memory card.  Power the camera on again and perform the same steps.  Any changes?

Check and clean the area around the viewfinder.  As the other posted stated, there is a small proximity sensor that disables the LCD when you bring the camera towards your face.  

If you can see the camera's menus in the viewfinder, perform a settings reset, then power cycle and retest.

If none of these actions help, I'd log into MyCanon and create a repair request.

You will receive a cost estimate.  A used M50 on KEH sells for about $440 in EX+ condition.  With this information, you can decide the best path forward.

Repair, replace, etc.  

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Thx so much for your reply. Unfortunately the screen remains black after trying all your suggestions, however I can record and change settings via the viewfinder. I was hoping there was a simple solution as the camera has been working fine for years.


I was able to view the screen on my computer monitor by connecting the camera to the monitor via a micro USB cable. Once I get positioned correctly in front of the camera I remove the cable to record my video and save it on SD card in camera. 
Question: Is there a small monitor I can attach to the shoe on top of the camera via HDMI or micro cable?