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Canon M50 Upgrade Advice


Hey everyone,

Im newish to photography, started about 3 months ago but im pretty hooked. It started getting me out of the house to walk and just be more active as well so thats a big plus.

I love street photography and portraits mainly. Im currently using the m50 with the kit lens, 22 f2 and 50mm Yongnuo with the regular adapter.

So far my experience has been pretty positive, although being honest i haven’t got much to compare to since its my first camera.

The main things i “lack” or wish were a little better:

-Separate dials for exposure (Shutter, Aperture, ISO) i did change some of my buttons and i kind of control them without the touch screen but doesn’t feel as fast as having dedicated dials.

-low light feels kind of restrictive. I know this is also very lens dependant but i feel anything above 1600 iso is pretty risky.

-Better battery life. Kind of a tough one since i love mirrorless and honestly i don’t want to jump to full frame bodies or lenses that are just too expensive for a casual like me.

-Fear of investing on Ef-m Lenses. I really want to get the Sigma trio, im in love with primes and those look really tempting, but i feel like canon could pretty much stop the Efm line and then the lenses will be pretty much stuck with me so to speak.

-Some type of weather sealing would be nice to be able to shoot under rain or snow. Not really what i want the most but would be sweet.

Pretty much thats it, i honestly am very happy with my modest setup and im very excited about just going out and shooting. I do not want to give up the lightweight of my setup nor to go deep onto very expensive waters. Just wanna know if you guys think theres something i should improve, or maybe just get more lenses to try new things, or just plain wait out what cannon has to offer this year.

I was really watching the m6 mkii, but giving up the fully articulate screen and the evf (which i don’t use that much tbh) for the uncropped 4k basically and other improvements wasn’t as convincing. But then again im in no position to know really if its worth of an upgrade.

The main question would be, would you rather invest in more glasses for the M50 or make the switch to FF mirrorless?

Thanks in advance for reading/replying.




I thought I read something about 2021 being the last year for Canon M series on Canon rumors.  You can search Google, but the consensus seems to be "it's over".  I personally would not invest in this series.    

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"The main question would be, would you rather invest in more glasses for the M50 or make the switch to FF mirrorless?"


Personally I would have never bought in the M series market.  But now that you want to upgrade I suggest you do it in the R series gear.  M is dead so don't waste any more money on it. Use what you have until it no longer works which could be a very long time but any upgrade needs to be R.

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