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Canon M50 + Neewer Speedlite > not firing


I can't get my Neewer Speedlight NW565EX or Neewer Speedlite 750II flashlights to work with my Canon M50. It just won't fire.
The camera is on manual exposure mode. I am testing on different shutter speeds and all 3 modes of Flash Slow Synchro. None of them works.
Flash Firing is ON.
When I enter the External Flash Func. Settings, it says "Incompatible flash or flash's power is turned off". Ofc. my flash power is on, and it's set to manual mode, but I also tried TTL and other modes.
The same flash works perfectly with Canon 80D, and it's dedicated for Canon.
Anyone got idea what can be wrong?

Maybe someone had similar experiences and can tell which flashes will work with M50, and which won't?



Here is a system matrix for the M50.  You can also contact Canon sales 800-385-2155 for accessory advice.  To ensure compatibility, I would recommend sticking with Canon accessories.  For 3rd party product support, you will need to contact the manufacturer, Neewer.  We only have access to Canon resources and documentation. 

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Canon does not support or guarantee compatibility with third party accessories.

Try this!  Turn off the camera.  Mount the flash and turn it on.  Once the flash has initialized itself turn on the camera and see if the camera recognizes it.  

If not, contact Neewer or buy a Canon flash.

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