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Canon M50 Mark II Clicking Noise

Hey guys, I noticed last month that my M50 has this clicking noise like something is loose. The clicking sound comes from the hot shoe/flash area. I've tested everything that might be loose by holding them down to see if the sound persist, but it doesn't seem to be an external problem. I also noticed that the clicking only happens when I tilt/shake the camera forwards/backwards.
Has anyone ran into this issue? Is this something I should be worried about?
p.s. My camera has never been dropped


Hello there, I just unboxed my Canon M50 Mark ii and am experiencing exactly the same clicking issue when tilting/shaking it. Did you manage to find an answer to your question elsewhere? Is this something to worry about?

Thank you from Scotland!

Hey Supernova, sorry for the late reply.
No one in this forum seems to have any idea as to why this is happening. I asked the same question on some Facebook Canon M50 groups and the consensus is that it's nothing to worry about. Which, I agree. My M50 worked perfectly fine even with this clicking. However, I would have like to know why it made the noise in the first place. I've since sold my M50 mark ii and upgraded to a Fuji X-S10.

I managed to get a response from the Canon Support Team who have confirmed that the clicking noise is no cause for concern and absolutely normal. Attached a screenshot of the email. Happy days! Loving my Canon M50 ii.