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Canon EOS Utility in Mavericks




I just purchased a Canon EOS Rebel t3i and its great. I installed the files from the CD on to my computer, Mac Mini (OS X: Mavericks) and everytime I try to open the application it tells says "ALERT: Cannot be used with this Operating System"... Can anyone help me? I know I'm not doing anything wrong. Thanks in advance.




I have the same Alert problem, with my Mac Book and my Canon EOS Rebel T3...
Hopefully somebody can help us.


I just found a solution, using Iphoto... I have read a lot of comments saying that it may be the best option, at the end of the day you need access to your photos and with Iphoto very easy, to export them, select them, go to file and choose export, make sure you chosse: original, so it keeps the original dates where photos where created. Good Luck.

Truth is, I'm trying to use my camera as a WebCam for when I have skype meetings, aside from photography. And the only way I can do that from what I've been researching is through the Canon EOS Utility. I use LightRoom in order to import.

Have you downloaded the latest updates from Canon at their support website?


I'm running Mavericks on two different Macs and EOS Utility is working for me.  


You can find the updates here:


Note that these are "updates" and not full versions... you will need to install the base version and then apply the update.  


Also, when I go to that page, it shows no software available for 10.9, but change it to 10.8 and it will display the most current versions which, as I mentioned, are working for me running 10.9 (Mavericks).


Good luck!



Tim Campbell
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Canon does not have an EOS Utility for Mavericks... as usual, they're yonks behind. One would think they'd treat their customers better, but ???

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That is not true. 

You can install EOS Utility for Mavericks, check this article on the site.

Wow! Thanks so much!!! This worked great on Mavericks!
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No man don't do that iphoto will destroy the quality because it always exports to jpg and you can't mess around with Digital Photo Professional. (You could but not with the beauty that is raw, at that point you might as well use lightroom or photoshop 😕 )

Use Image Capture it's native on the mac and it lets you download to a specific folder you want
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