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Canon EOS Rebel T3 having issues turning on please help


My Canon EOS Rebel T3 can turn on but if it gets turned off at any point after it will NOT turn back on unless left alone for hours. I do not think its the battery because it is fully charged. I am unsure if it is the SD card reader, I know it is not the SD card because it works in my computer. My father-in-law suggests it may need an updated firmware. I was going to try that but I do not see where I can do that, if at all possible. I have never dropped it, nor has it ever gotten wet. I am deeply crushed that it is having issues. If anyone has any idea or suggestions of what could be wrong I would greatly appreciate it. I bought it second hand so besides the year that I have owned it, I am unsure of how it was treated previously. I have photo shoots lined up, I need to fix this quick before it becomes worse. When I connect it to my computer via a cable it does not register (the computer can not find the camera).  She did not give me a CD to it. The camera just came with the body, the 18-55 len, the 55-250mm lens, a carrying case, a tripod, and a cleaning kit. Sorry this text is so sporadic, I am writing as I examing the camera. I brought it home later and now it wont turn on at all.



Hello. There is a firmware update for the camera. Check your camera and see if firmware is 1.0.5. If not there is an update.


This link will take to to a support site where you can download drivers and all the software; you don't need the CD.


First thing is download this item: EOS Digital Solution Disk Software 29.1A for Windows (For users who cannot use the bundled CD after you click the Software option. Then you can download and install all the updates. But, software isn't your problem.


1. Did the camera ever work properly?

2. Can you tryn a different SD card? They are cheap; buy a second one if you don't have one and try it.

3. Try formating SD card in computer and then insert in camera and format in camera.

4. Restore camera to out of the box condition:



John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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"My father-in-law suggests it may need an updated firmware"


You need to update the firmware but it is not the problem.  I don't know what the new version includes.  It may be something you will never need or use.  But I still say do it.


"I know it is not the SD card ..."


No you don't ! Just because it works in your computer means nothing.


" I do not think its the battery ..."


It may be or it might be the charger.  You need a new or different battery and/or charger to make sure.


I would do the re-set as suggested by John Hoffman to make sure.  I would also try somebody else's lens.  After you have done these steps and it still doesn't work properly, call Canon Support.

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My Canon sd1300 is a power shot and will not turn. This happened over many times of trying before it finally turns on. Battery is fine.


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