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Canon EOS R7 Image Playback to LCD Screen


I recently switched from an EOS t8i to an R7.  I primarily shoot underwater in housing, so the "auto" switch between the viewfinder and the LCD screen doesn't work... the camera doesn't sense when I'm up close and using the viewfinder. That's totally fine as I've been working that way for over a decade with a t4i and then the t8i. I've pre-set a button to toggle between the two. Shooting macro photography underwater is almost always done through the viewfinder, while wide angle is often done off the LCD screen. 

My issue the R7 that when I'm shooting macro through the viewfinder, I'd still like to get the automatic image review / playback to pop to the LCD screen instead of inside the viewfinder. The closest I've come is to toggle back to the LCD screen, then hit the image review button. With my old Canon DSLR's, I would shoot viewfinder and an automatic image review would always pop up on the LCD screen. With the R7, the automatic image review occurs inside the viewfinder if I'm shooting through it. I'd like a setting that forces the automatic image review to the LCD screen, even when I'm shooting through the viewfinder. Any ideas? 



I understand the request but I am pretty sure that this is not possible with the EOS R7.

Clearly a DSLR only has the one playback screen - the LCD on the back, but the mirrorless has EVF and LCD to playback images on and playback is on the currently active screen. You might want to try using a custom button to toggle the LCD / EVF. Then also enable image review within the EVF, and the review time set to hold. With this setup, once you take the shot it appears in the current display EVF or LCD, then pressing the custom button switches to the other. So you can shoot with EVF, and then press the custom button to switch to LCD with the same image preview.

EOS specialist trainer, photographer and author