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Canon EOS R6 Totally Dead?


I have had a Canon EOS R6 since January 2021, and it hasn't been used that much since I bought it. Inexplicably, now it will not turn on. I have tried different batteries, tried a dummy battery. No signs of life happen. I've looked into the battery compartment, there doesn't appear to be any intrusion. It didn't get wet, I don't recall it getting bumped, hit, or dropped. I have confirmed with many different batteries that it's not a battery or dummy battery power source issue. 

It's not the screen because the other functions of the camera being on, such as the camera sensor door opening don't audibly engage, no other lights pop up on the camera, and when I plug it into USB, nothing is recognized by the computer. I have tried different lenses. I have tried with a battery grip. I've ensured that the sensors for the battery compartment door are clicked down properly. I've tried with different SIM cards in and out. I've made sure that the SIM card door and the battery door are properly closed. The most discouraging is that this does not seem to be a common issue online from other owners of the EOS R6, as there doesn't appear to be much or any content about it. 

The only thing I can think is that maybe some sort of battery corrosion tainted the battery contact points inside the battery chamber. Or, worst case scenario, some kind of short occurred and burned the camera's motherboard? Is there anything else I should try to rule out before sending the camera into canon repair? 



Since the camera should be under warranty for any defects I would definitely send it in for service

cheers, TREVOR

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The camera does not use SIM cards.  It only uses full size SD cards.  

Will the camera turn on if you remove the memory cards?  If not, then you need to contact Canon.

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