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Canon EOS R won’t connect via HDMI to monitor or tv


I recently am not able to connect to a monitor or tv through HDMI cable for video out display. It was working fine on a previous monitor, but upon switching the monitor, now the camera won’t connect to any of the HDMI out display devices. My wifi settings are off, I have changed HDMI cables out, and the problem persists. We need to be able to view the video on one of our displays for auditions, as my wife and I are both actors. Thoughts??



What monitor were you using before that worked? And what monitor are you using now?   What settings are you using for the HDMI output (resolution, framerate, etc.)?


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current monitor is a Samsung F22T35, old monitor was a cheap smart tv that was at least 5 years old, it fell over and broke while tethered to the camera. Camera didn’t fall, but the monitor did. Also, we have connected it to our Samsung TV via 4K HDMI cables, but now it doesn’t work on that TV either.  

as for settings we are at FHD 29.97P IPB. 

based on this description, it's very possible that the previous cable connected to the fallen tv damaged the hdmi connection in the camera.  did you use the cable bracket that came with the EOS R to hold the cable into the camera?  this bracket is designed to minimize this type of damage.




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I didn’t have the bracket. If the port is damaged, is there a place to send the camera to be repaired? 



If you are in the US, start here:


Bay Area - CA

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I suspect a ground loop. 

Is the camera connected to an AC Adapter?  If so, is the camera connected to multiple devices that are using AC power?

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Thank you everyone for the responses. 

the camera is running off of battery. The monitor is plugged into a power strip but does have an adapter. 

I’m hoping it’s not the port, but it could be. 


I just plugged the new monitor with HDMI chords into an older Canon T5i I have and it worked on the monitor and tv. I’m guessing this suggests the problem is the port??