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Canon EOS M50 focus issues for guitar videos


Hi guys,

I've done lots of research into the best focus settings for the Canon EOS M50 but I'm having trouble with it for the specific issue of recording guitar lessons. I need both my face and my guitar in focus but I can't seem to get that to happen. With face auto focus my guitar becomes blurred, single point auto focus is too small a zone and I can't adjust the manual focus because I can't be sat in my seat with my guitar whilst I do so! Any pointers on this would be a huge help if anyone else has experience filming guitar videos or similar. I think because the neck of the guitar extends quite far out to the right my camera doesn't recognise it as still the same subject when using autofocus. Though looking back at my old videos some of them were fine whilst just using face autofocus so I'm not sure what's changed if I might have accidently reset something? 





Sometimes the best focus settings are what is needed, not what is most popular.  So, what exposure and focus settings are you currently using?


What lens are you using with the M50?  How far away are you from the camera?  Can you provide a sample screenshot so that we can get some a better of the extent and nature of the issue.


Last question.  Does the M50 allow you to define custom shooting modes?  If so, define one for your videos.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

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