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Canon EOS 90D - Bluetooth & Wifi connection Crashes camera



So I have previously been able to send across my images from my Canon to the EOS Utility software on my PC until today, I went to connect and each time i select the option to connect the camera stops responding for a while and eventually "restarts" as though it were just switched on and the menu function returns. I cleared the bluetooth and wifi connections and went to start again and now it crashes everytime i get to the "Add device" selection, it doesn't search it just freezes and restarts.

Some solutions i read up ive tried removing the battery/card/lens. Restarting and putting everything back.. Nothing.

I tried connecting via bluetooth to my phone and it gets as far as the point it is meant to start searching and does the same thing.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings AndyLove

I'm sorry to hear about the wireless connection issue you're experiencing with your EOS 90D camera. You have performed many of the troubleshooting steps that I would have recommended.

Let's proceed with clearing the camera settings as well, not just the wireless settings. After clearing the camera settings, let's clear the wireless settings one more time and then establish a new connecting between your computer and the camera. I understand you've been attempting to connect the camera to your computer and to your mobile phone. If possible, let's try a different computer or a different mobile device to see if the same issue occurs.

In case the problem persists, then we would suggest to send the EOS 90D camera to our facility for service. You may log in to your My Canon Account to begin the repair process through our online repair portal.

Hi NatalyaP,

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I've already tried clearing all camera and wifi settings multiple times, the camera "crashes" at the stage it is meant to start searching for devices so adding a new computer isn't currently an option. Any other suggestions or will this need to be looked at by someone in person?


Make sure that you camera has the latest firmware. Make sure your computer ain’t-virus software is up-to-date, and has not been compromised.  If you can test your camera with another computer, then do it.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


You can also try connecting camera to computer via USB cable to move files. If that works, decide if you want to keep trying wifi and Bluetooth!