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Canon EOS 7d mk ii startup issue


Hi all,


First post here. I'm an amateur bird photographer using an EOS 7d mk ii with a 400mm 5.6 lens.


I have owned this body for more than two years now. It's an outstanding setup, and until recently has functioned flawlessly.


Recently I have been experiencing a frustrating issue where upon powering on the camera, the settings and buttons on the camera are totally unresponsive. Can still take photos, but not possible to view them or change settings.

The camera has no sustained damage aside from a couple drops a while back, but nothing recent to my memory. No sustained damage, the issue seems to be new.


I figured out a cumbersome fix for this by switching modes immediately after starting up the camera. For example I shoot manual so immediately switching to apeture priority and back will resume normal camera function. However this is obviously frustrating and the added step has caused me to miss many a shot while fumbling with the mode switch. 

Really quite lost here, hoping someone else may have experienced something similar with a fix?





I've never had this problem but try turning off the auto sensor cleaning on power up to see if that makes a difference, also it may be worth trying a different memory card.

Thank you for the suggestions.


Turning off the auto sensor cleaner, a new memory card, were unfortunately not the problems. 

Is there anything else I can try? May just have to send it in to the shop. 


A fresh memory card(s) may help.  As would a full camera reset back to factory defaults.  BTW, check the [LOCK] switch.

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