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Canon EOS 77D - Error 70, no signs of life


Hi All - 


I have a refurbished canon eos 77d that I purchased late April of 2020.  I use the camera exclusively for astrophotography and as such, the camera has been astro modified, where the LP2 filter has been replaced with a less restrictive one, to allow the full 656 nanometer wavelength to pass.  The camera has been working great for the last few months after the modification, however it seems to have given up the ghost on the second shot last night.   


The top LCD screen shows Err {70}.  It does this upon initially closing the battery door, even if the camera is off.  Switching the camera on and off will change the behavior so the Error only comes up when the caemra is in the powered on position.  I have tried different batteries, AC power adapter, multiple SD cards, no SD card, different lenses, etc.  Nothing seems to help.  There are no other signs of life, other than the top LCD Error message.  Not even the red LED indicator lights up.


I've already popped it open and reseated all ribon cables and connections to the mainboard and imaging chip.  I dont see any obviouc burned components or burned PCB traces.


Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'm tempted to just order a new mainboard, but not sure if Im just wasting money.





"...but not sure if Im just wasting money."


My guess without any further knowledge of the condition is, yes, to both of those questions. Yes, is is likely the MB and, yes, it is a waste of money. IMHO, of course.


BTW, is a MB still even available for a 77D? I don't know. Perhaps eBay has a cheap one you could try.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Thanks for the reply.


For better of for worse, I've sent it in to Canon for repair.   Estimated 209 plus tax.   However, the credit card I used has extended warranty protection, so I will attempt to file a claim.  It doubles the manufacturers warranty even on refurbished items.  It's been about 17 months since I purchased the camera, so I am within the window.  


This is a dedicated astro camera, so the astro-mod alone is a few hundred bucks to do to a new camera.  That helped tilt the scales towards repairing this one.  And if my credit card will cover the repair, all the better.  If it weren't the case, I might have tried a new mainboard from aliexpress, which ran about $150.

Sounds like a plan, here's hoping..............

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!