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Canon EOS 70D Err 80 - Memory Card Error


I am worried sick about the error. As my warranty just expired few weeks back and there seems to no other option besides sending it back to Canon.

After reading many articles online, I decided to write this post down.

My camera got the error 80 when I switched to Video Mode. No display. Top panel shows empty parentheses for memory card (no light blinks even when card is removed/inserted) with error appearing in seconds. I had inserted a fully charged battery (everything from battery to lens is genuine Canon stock equipment!) in the evening. I have no success so far after trying countless possible solutions including those available here. I have never used the camera in harsh conditions and only shot occasional events. Barely took over 3000 shots.


I switched to Video Mode again and with Custom Mode this time. Camera was able to stay on! No error 80 showed up. Was able to focus with no shutter close and change the mode settings too. But memory card still was empty and no display on LCD panel.

What does this suggest? Is there any way possible to solve above memory card error? Anything I can do to restore default settings with the help of Custom Mode?


Please help!




Have you checked the memory card?  If the camera is telling you that the memory card is bad, then why are you assuming that the camera is bad?  Check the card.  


If you are using a microSD card, then that is your problem.  Use a full size SD card.  Do not use a UHS-3 card.  Use one that is 32GB, Class 10.  Use the camera to perform a low level format on the card.  

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I did that again just to have a shot at it. I am sure that is not an issue. Camera was just fine in the afternoon that day when I took out the battery and put it back later in the evening and turned on the Video Mode and this happened! Anyways, I appreciate your input and if anything comes to your mind then please let me know as I can not send this back to Canon as there's no warranty left.

You can always send anything back to Canon, it doesn't need to be under warranty for that. However, this is not very likely a camera problem. 


In my experience, when a card starts acting "weird," throw away the card. If you try to take more pictures on it because it's working again, you're just risking losing something important. Replacing your card is probably under $30. How much would you pay to recover a card full of files you lost?


If you want to press your luck, at least format the card in a computer using the official SD Card Format Utility, then format it in the camera. I have seen that fix some problem cards.

I'm a cinematographer in Chicago using mostly Canon gear. I also founded MKE Production Rental in Milwaukee.

@JonKline wrote:

You can always send anything back to Canon, it doesn't need to be under warranty for that. ...

Moreover, it's possible that Canon may be a bit lenient just now regarding what constitutes a warranty repair. For years users have been griping about the high failure rate of some components on the 70D's main circuit board. The consensus, at least in the user community, was that the failures were traceable to overheating when the camera is used for video. Whatever the underlying cause, within the past year or so Canon admitted to the problem and began replacing the failed circuit boards at their expense. It's not clear that the symptoms of that failure are all that similar to yours, but it could be worth your trouble to at least have Canon look at it. I believe they charge you only if you have the work done, not for the estimate. And maybe you'll get lucky and find that your camera does qualify for the free repair.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

It's true, there is no charge to get the estimate done. I believe you only need to pay for shipping.

I'm a cinematographer in Chicago using mostly Canon gear. I also founded MKE Production Rental in Milwaukee.
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