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Canon EOS 700D flash pops but will not fire


Hi There,

I have a 10year old Canon EOS 700D camera that has been looked after. In low light the flash pops up but the flash will not go off. Any ideas before I look at getting it repaired as I am not sure how long the life is of an electronic camera. Bulb blown??? Thanks



What mode is the camera set to. In some modes the AF Assist Beam can be turned off. Will the flash fire for the actual picture though. If you're in the Creative Zone (M, Av, TV & P) modes. The AF Assist Beam will NOT fire. If the AF mode is set to AI Servo. The AF Assist Beam ONLY works with One Shot & AI Focus. One Shot and AI Focus has focus lock. AI Servo doesn't have lock so the AF Assist Beam won't fire.


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I'd try a settings reset, then determine of the flash is faulty.

If it is faulty, then use this as a guideline.  A used 700D (T5i) costs about $235. 

Repair Option: midwestcamera dot com

If the repair will exceed this price point, its time for a new camera.  

If you'd like help or recommendations, let us know.

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