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Canon 80d flash problem

I just received the 80d 2 weeks ago and it appears I already have an issue. The automatic flash pops up when taking pics in low light, but doesn't fire correctly and sometimes not at all. The 1st time I used it for Christmas lights with my family and it was fine. The 2nd time I was inside and the flash would pop up and fire, but it was premature. The flash would fire too early resulting in the appearance of no flash at all. Now, it pops up but doesn't fire at all. This is a brand new camera less than 2 weeks old. Is there anything I can try to resolve this prior to sending it to canon?



Thanks. Other than that issue. I have been happy with the camera and I would recommend it. I was just fooling around with it again after reading about other people's issues. I tried my Speedlite flash and it worked great. Then I tried using a super tiny screwdriver on the screws on the side of the flash and now it's working again. So I'm hoping the problem is solved for good.


I reported this problem on this thread last March. I sent it back to Canon and they fixed it under warranty by replacing a defective upper flash unit. The problem is that it happened again on the very night the warranty expired. I've purchased seven cameras from Canon in the past and have never had the slightest issue. I am furious to read that they will charge over $300 to fix a problem that will most likely occur again. 

Well before you get your blood pressure up too much, take a couple deep breaths and contact Canon again. You likely still have the possible advantage of having a repeat of the same problem you had earlier. Also, you may have some leverage due to the fact that Canon has already made a previous attempt to fix the same issue.


Make sure that they know that you have a paper trail of the camera's repair history. I'm assuming you still have the documentation of any prior Canon repairs . ? ?