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Canon 7D footage is glitchy & pixelated every 3-10 seconds. Help!




We just got all of our wedding footage and all of the footage from one camera (canon 7d) has this weird glitchy pixelated split sensor thing going on. It is on practically every single clip, and it happens ever 3-10 seconds. 


See an example here

I also found this example on YT of the exact same issue


At first I thought it was a memory card or transfer issue. But it's the same issue on two different memory cards. And the other camera didn't have any issues. So I'm thinking it was a camera issue (potentially overheating like someone on the YT video commented). The camera has since been used, and doesn't have the issue at all. 


Also, the glitches tend to happen at different times and different intensities depending on how I view them. Viewing it online only showsa major glitch at 3 seconds. In premiere, there are a bunch of small glitches throughout. In iMovie the main glitch at 3 seconds is more subdued.


Do any of you know of a solution? Is there any thing I can do to fix this issue? Or is there any service repair center that has dealt with this before that I can send the footage to to get fixed?


Thanks in advance!



Do you get the same watching the screen on the camera? How often do you format the card?

thanks for getting back Peter.


No, it wasn't happening on the screen according to the videographer. And the card is formatted before every shoot.





If the video is fine directly on the camera, the issue may lie somewhere else.  How are you transferring the video from the card to your computer?  Does this happen if you transfer and view the video on another computer?


If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.

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Hi Mike,


I'm guessing that it was a tranfer issue. I used a card reader that I've used hundreds of times before (and never had this issue). But since it happened to two different cards on the same camera, I'm not 100% it's a card reader issue. 


But the cards have already been formatted and written over.


So at this point, I'm just trying to find a retro-active solution that might be someone fixing damaged files. But I don't know where to look or how.