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Canon 70D died


My 70D that is only 1yr 1/2 old died all of the sudden.  I have only used it lightly and have taken very good care of it.  I tried another battery thinking that may be the probelem.  Even a brand new Canon battery did not turn it on.  Just no juice, nothing.  I sent it to Canon service center, and they sent me an estimate for $224.  I called to ask what the problem was, they said they still dont know, that  was just to take a look and fix the issue if there is one.  If it is something with major damage they will contact me with a different estimate.


It worked perfectly fine one day.  I charged the battery back up, plugged it it, and just never turned back on again.  I haven't even paid off the camera yet on my best buy card, so I have a real problem with Canon charging me anything so soon, and for an obviously lightly used camera.  


Has anyone had a similar issue before?  Is having Canon do this my best option?  I read another post of someone who fixed themselves, but I'm of course leery not knowing exactly wha the problem is.  Plus I have shoots lined up, and need to act fast.


I wish they had a better program to just trade up or something, if I'm spending money anyway.

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You've done the usual test for a sticky battery door switch? That seems to be the problem in at least some similar cases. The fact that the camera has been lightly used may make a sticky switch more likely; a slightly worn switch may be less likely to stick.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA


I had the same issue with my Canon 5d last year. I had it repaired and what they fixed was the main flex circuit. The same thing happened again just two weeks ago. I never learned what caused it. It was suggested I do the same battery trick you did but that didn't work. I am now faced with getting it repaired again or, as was suggested by Canon online support, taking part in the Canon Loyalty Program.

So it sounds like the same this that they replaced on mine. Have you ever found out anything more as to how or what is causing it?

I never did find out the cause why my 5d died. The thought that I changed lenses without turning the camera off came to mind but I'm not convinced that was the issue.

 Hi my name is terry from leicester,

I have just had my canon 70d  returned from Thomas camera services ltd, conon approved. 

I asked them what caused the main pcb to breakdown,  they told me they could not identify what caused the fault. They replied on a email I still have" These things just happen and it doesn't mean it willbreak down again." I got a six months warranty with my repair. They said its a one off but to me it does not look that way. I look after my camera very well and only have it for just over a year I was not expecting it to pack up just like that. I had not uesd it for three months got it out put fully charged battery in turned it in the on position and nothing at all. Canon need to be looking into why this is happening.  Hope this helps some people out there looking for answers. 


I got my camera back from Canon today.  they replaced my "PCB Ass'y, main w/LI batt".  Which is pretty much my main board with a new battery.  I looked up the board alone, and it was $200.  So, it made me feel a little better about the $182 bill from Canon...I guess.  Whats done is done however, and after charging up the battery fully, it does turn on.  


So, now I am wondering how I could have prevented this from happening.  I am a little uneasy about how I could have caused this, or was this just a Canon problem that was never my fault.  I will start a new thread posting this question.

Is it working fine after that? I have heard the problem never goes away permanently

Is it working fine after that?

I got my 70D back from Canon about 3 weeks ago and have used it a few times. So far so good hopefully it stays working after almost $500 repair. 

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