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Canon 6d2 to 5d4 upgrade


This is my dilemma and I'll acknowledge that it may not be a smart use of my wallet. I have a perfectly fine 6d2 with battery grip that I bought about two years ago. I also have a 7d2 with a good selection of lenses for both. I recently came across a really attractive price for a 5d4 with less than 10k clicks that includes a couple batteries and a Pixel battery grip. The move, assuming I can sell the 6d2 for a decent shouldn't cost more than $650-$700. My only issues with the 6d2 are with burst rate (not much diff than 5d4) and AF accuracy and speed. Would this move make sense? I need a dose of realism.


@47greyfox wrote:
Nice, Waddizzle! Did you shoot in portrait mode? Tripod or handheld?

I always shoot panos in portrait mode, and overlap by 1/3.  Yes, I did use a tripod.  All of the exposures were aboiut 8 seconds., I think.  I used Av mode, ISO 100. and -1/3 Ev of compensation.  Canon bodies seem to overexpose a bit, probably to capture more details in shadows.

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I hear you about the resolution concern.

Therefore, how about 50.6 MP ? $1499 brand new, so used should be much less than that ?


Screenshot from 2020-12-29 16-40-22.png

I primarily use 1DX bodies but I picked up a 5DS R.  It is an interesting camera with the higher resolution but it "handles" a little differently because of that and one thing I noticed is motion blur becomes more evident with the higher resolution.  You may find you need to use a higher shutter speed than you are used to for a given lens.  It isn't a huge deal but it is something of which to be aware before you purchase.


The files from it are also very large.   55 to 65 MB RAW files are typical but it isn't unusual to see RAW files over 90 MB so be prepared in terms of storage and processing speed.  Because of the huge file size, the burst speed and buffer depth is also reduced.


The prices are low because these cameras are basically out of production, nothing wrong with that because they still do an excellent job.


I  was actually surprised how often I use this camera.  It definitely doesn't have the low light performance of my 1DX bodies but I was surprised at its noise performance in the 3200 to 6400 ISO range and that improves further if you downsample to a more typical pixel count when you convert to JPG.


The 5DS and the R variant (slightly better potential resolution at the possible expense of artifacts that can be addressed in post due to the different lowpass filter setup) are basically built on the 5 D III architecture so they are a bit behind some of the function of the 5D 4 but I consider them a true bargain for general use, landscape, portrait use, etc.



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What about the EOS R as an alternative to the R6? The 30 MP sensor is inviting, but the fps options do leave a little to be desired, but I have the 7d2 for those kind of shots. 

Or the RP (if you can live with 26.2MP) which currently is at $1000 vs $1800.

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