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Canon 6d mark II desired features


I'm professional photographer who is using Canon 6d for 2 years already, over 100 thousand shots. It is fantastic camera but now it is in the end of its production term, and I think Canon will release 6D mark II next year. If so, here is list of desired upgrades, ie what I think 6d mark II should look like:

1. Articulating/Tilting screen. It is very handy feature allowing to use live view mode for precise non center focusing, no need to lie on the floor, you can shoot concerts, events inside crowd of people simply by holding camera in raised hands, yes it is required for pro shooting as well as for enthusiasts.

2. 7 frames per second shooting. 2nd big limitation of current 6d, low frames per second is bad, especially when competitors have 15 fps.
3. Built in Intervalometer. Cheap software realization, but it is very handy to have it built-in, for timelapses and astrophoto, rather then using external device.
4. Focus Peaking. Extremely useful feature, even with autofocus lenses. It allows not only to focus precisely but also teaches photo and videographers how to use their glass precisely, showing real depth of field.

5. Easier WiFi initial setup. I've no problems with it, but several of my friends had troubles and were unable to setup wifi on 6d due to its complexity. Less options per screen and step-by-step automated wizard with in camera help showing how to setup mobile phone or tablet will be fine.

6. 22-24 megapixel matrix with little wider dynamic range, +0.5 ev is fine (just to kick Nikon's ass:)).


6d mark II will cost ~2000$ I guess, at least it will be launch price. Yes, 11AF points is very low amount, and Ill sure there will be more in 6D II.


Btw we can discuss more features of 6d II here, ie how this camera should look like, your thoughts and hopes about it. Just be realistic).

@ebiggs1 wrote:

I guess you can wish all you want.  Smiley Happy   But in reality there is only one 'true' pro camera in the Canon line.  The 1Dx.  That is what a pro camera looks like and how it is built.  ...

Then why do I see so many pros carrying 5D series cameras? I think you're using the term "pro" camera when what you mean is "ultra-heavy duty" camera. Many pros neither need an ultra-heavy duty camera nor are willing to lug one (or two or three) around with them.


I loved the quip you quoted last year (I believe it was you) to the effect that one could bash someone's head in with a 1D, then use it to take the crime scene photos. But if you're never likely to need that capability, it may not be a priority.

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Roberto la grasa,

It depends on in which circles you run around in.


There are two kinds of "pros".  The full time pro that makes his bread and butter with his camera.  Then there is the part time pro that makes money with his camera but has a real job elsewhere.  The latter was me at Hallmark.


When I got to digital I used many cameras but my main camera was and is a 1 series.  Now exclusively.  But I also used two 7D's.  All the 5 series and even had five XTi's.  I have had a couple G series and still have a G15.

However, none of that makes them a pro level camera.  The only full on pro and flagship camera in the Canon line is the 1 series.


To the part timer a pro camera whether it is a 5D Mk III or a 1Dx, it is a large investment.  But to the full time pro, it is just an entry line in the books.


You are not going to see gimicky things like a flip out touch scree on a 1 series (kinda a chimper thing).  You won't even see a mode dial like the 5D Mk III has.  It seems Canon's line of reducing the number in the xD line indicates a better higher quality, more pro oriented camera. IE the 7D, 6D. and finally the 5D.  I suspose at some point there will likely be a 4D that is better than the current 5D Mk III.


This is no different than the Nikon line.  The D series, like the D4s, is Nikon's full on pro flagship camera.  The others are 'nice' but not really a pro camera.  Even though some pros will use them!


Pro features and technology always seem to find its way into the lesser cameras in time.  Look at the current T6i.  Pretty darn good camera in anybodies book. Is it a pro camera?

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

Yes, only 1Dx is pro camera, 5d III officially called semi pro, as well as 6D. But we are discussing 6d mark II desired features here.


I guess 6d mark II will have 24mp matrix with ISO 100 - 102400 range.

When you start a thread there is no telling where it will go.  If you ask for professional features, you may end up with differing answers.  Canon will never offer things that compromise 1Dx status as the flagship camera.  Those only trickle down.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

I'm not asking for professional features, iso 102400 will mostlikely become semi pro camera standard in 2016, since maximum iso 51200 was a standard for semi pro cameras of 2014 (like Nikon d750).

Just keep in mind and remeber, be realistic.  But you can wish for anything, I guess.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

If you really must have a rotating/tilting LCD screen, they sell external 5/6/7 inch LCD monitors.  I've considered buying one for when I want to do Live View focusing, and then always wish for a larger screen that I could turn and tilt towards my face.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Of course you can by external HDMI monitor, but it is + 0,4 kg weight, camera will be harder to turn and move, and you will be unable to use flash on camera.

But if there is no tiliting screen, then external monitor is only solution.