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Canon 6D will not turn on

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Hello - I've had a Canon 6D for over a year and love it, but today ran into a major issue where the camera would not turn on at all.  I tried two separate and fully charged Canon batteries, as well as changing the lens, removing the SD card and replacing with a different card, but had no success with getting it to turn on.  Any suggestions?  I've tried looking elsewhere online and have not seen anything on this topic.


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Have you been using the camera regularly, say within the past month? I ask because batteries are in a constant state of drain and if your haven't used the batteries recently, they may have lost their charge. (Sorry if this sounds silly to ask but from what you wrote it could be that you took two batteries out of your camera bag, having left them fully charged months ago) and they don't work.)


You'll probably need to reset your camera. Refer to your instruction manual or the next post or two will make a better explanation.


Have you tried connecting it by USB cable to your computer and see if you can communicate with it using the EOS software?


Did you shake, drop, knock, or otherwise bash your camera anytime recently?


Have you measured the voltage of the batteries at the terminal to confirm that they have a charge?

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Yes I use it almost daily and the batteries were freshly charged...and then recharged this afternoon just to be sure.  And no dropping it that I'm aware of, pretty much stays in my camera bag.  I'll give hooking it by USB a try and see if that works.  Thank you for the suggestion.

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If the camera thinks the battery door or memory card door are not fully closed, it will not switch on.  Check to make sure the tabs on the doors (that press the little micro-swtich to indicate the door is closed) aren't damaged and that both doors completely close.



Tim Campbell
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Are you sure it isn't on?

A couple of times I have bumped some buttons somewhere and managed to blacken out the LCD screen, and the camera did not seem to be really "on". Because I never use live view, it was confusing enough for me anyway.

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Just to follow up and close out the post - I mailed my camera to canon to repair.    They fixed it.  Said the issue was "the bottom CB did not operate properly so that the power supply did not operate properly."  Canon replaced the bottom PCB and which was covered under warranty.

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Thanks for posting the follow-up. Glad your camera is repaired and happy shooting!

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Thanks! and thanks the suggestions! 🙂