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Canon 6D or 7D?

I want to get a new camera + lens.
I am undecided between the 6D + 24-105, or the 7D + 24-70 f4.
I will mainly take picture of my kids (action and still) plus some landscapes that was my original passion.
Take into account that:
- I am only interested in "L" lenses
- I will not make enlargements bigger than A4 (20x30cm)
- I like detailed images.

Could anyone help?

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This is really "do I get a car or a truck" question.

The 6D is full frame sensor camera while the 7D is crop sensor camera. 24mm on the 7D will have a 38mm FOV on a FF (6D) cameras. The 7D with 24-70 would not be ideal for landscapes. The 7D is more of a sports/wildlife camera with its high FPS, crop sensor, better AF, and build. The 7D is great a camera but can produce noisy images in low light. The 6D will out perform the 7D in low light.

From the information you provided, I think you would very happy with (and what I'd recommend is) the 6D kit which includes the 24-105. This combo will be far better for landscapes.

I understand the desire for L lens but don't deprive yourself from some very good non L lens like the 85 f/1.8, or 100 f/2.8. All of my lens are Ls but I would not rule out those two for example.

Good luck.

Thanks for your answer.

But how do they compare in terms of autofocus speed?

I will mainly use the centre point.

AF speed is a bit dependent on both the body & lens but in general the 7D is far better suited to action. I've used a 7D to shoot radio control flying events for the last 3 seasons with a very good keeper rate. I have not used the 6D nor researched it much but I know it hasn't got the same AF as the 7D.

Re the 24-105 f4 or 24-70 f4 I'd recommend the 24-105 for the extra range it offers since both are f4. and will have the same DOF etc on whichever body you choose. Where you might run into a (minor) problem with your shopping is an ultra wide in a L. The 17-40 or 16-35 L aren't really very wide on a crop body so the 10-22 or 12-24 lenses become a bit of a must in several situations where you really need that WIDE FOV. 


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If you plan on shooting your kids indoors with available light, the 6D wins hands down.  It will have a lot less high ISO noise than the 7D at comparable ISOs.

Currenly using R5 and R7 mostly plus a variety of Canon RF and EF lens...

If you end up going with a 7D, then I would get the 15-85 lens over the 24-70 or 24-105.  The 15-85 is basically Canon's crop equivalent of the 24-105.  It equates to 24-136 on FF body. 


As a general rule (and IMO), wide begins at  about 15mm crop (24mm FF).  If landscape is your "original passion" as you mentioned, you will really benefit with an specialty lens like the 10-22 which cicopo mentioned above.


On a FF, the specialty wide angle lens would be the 17-40 or 16-35.  If you don't need the extra stop, get the 17-40 since you will be shooting landscapes around f/8 most of the time anyway.


Still, I would go with the 6D and start out with the 24-105.


Good luck and let us know what path you take.

I will go for the 6D. I have been never able to cope with crop sensor. And 6D is a more recent camera plus has wifi.
Thanks to everybody for suggestions. It really helped.


For the type of shooting - kids and landscapes - you're better off with a 6D instead of a 7D.  A 6D, being full frame will allow you to take great landscape pictures with the 24-105 @ 24mm.  I had considered getting the 16-35mm lens when I only had the 50D (1.6 Crop) but now with a 5D3 full frame, I've decided that I don't need it as 24mm is plenty wide for me.


As you already know, the 6D is full frame, the 7D is 1.6x Crop.  With the 6D, pictures taken at ISO 25,600 would be about the same in noise level as the 7D taken at ISO 1600.  It is that good.  It also has built-in GPS, wireless.  The choice is clear for your kind of shooting.  The only use that would require a 7D would be for fast action sports and Birds in Flight where you need fast focusing and the extra reach.  For anything else the 6D wins hands down.  Kids running around would be no problem for the 6D to handle.


Regarding choice of lens, the 24-105mm is a really good starter lens...I've used one for several years with great results.  However, I recently got a 24-70mm f/2.8L II lens and I haven't touched the 24-105mm since.  The increased sharpness and almost non-existent distortion compared to the 24-105 is remarkable.   If you can afford it, go for the'll eventually get there anyways...spend now or spend later.

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