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Canon 60D Display Issue


Hey guys I got some wired problem with my canon 60d since 2 weeks...........


My LCD display automatically get inverted after every 2 to 6 seconds during the shooting or rest of the timings... Like when m changing setting in menu display get inverted and when in screen n menu mood....


Means any time it gets invert n than become OK. Its repeating again n again so I can't do my work with it. Please Help


Too bad indeed!


Just out of curiosity, how much did you pay for the repair and in which country/city?



I looked at the links, you got to be kidding, i would never suggest someone take the camera apart if they had no such experiance. I am a trained Techniction in a simmilar field and have attempted to repair digital cameras and never had any sucsess. Kidos to yo if you werw susessful.

thanks! actually it wasn't my first time dealing with really sensitive equipment, i have a background of ten years working with electronics, so that helps a lot!

@fernandofry wrote:

Hello Guys! I had the same problem with my 60D for a while and I have just figured how to fix it.


There is this sensor that gets loose and doesn't do its job. I put a little piece of paper against it to make some pressure and take it back to the correct position and it worked just fine!


You can see how to reach the sensor in the links below, you only need to take 8 screws out, it's super easy.

**Links removed per forum guidelines**

Hi there,
This is happening with my 60D as well. I opened it up and looked for this sensor, but unfortunately I'm not too skilled in knowing what I'm looking at, and where to put some pressure to make the sensor make a connection again. Opening it up was fairly easy, I just need to know where you "put a little piece of paper against it to make some pressure and take it back to the right position." Any chance you could provide a picture or a little more clarification on where the actual sensor is and where to place pressure? Your post is the only one I've found about actually fixing the LCD malfunction without sending it into canon, I would appreciate any further help you could provide!!

Hey! I'm sorry but I didn't take pictures by the time I fixed the problem and I no longer have the camera.


I remember it took me a while to figure that the problem was caused by the loose sensor, it was a trial and error processes, I don't recall 100% but I think I put the paper between the sensor and the spot it is fixed so it would stay a little further. 


Sorry for not being very helpful, but I hope you figure how to fix, you got to be patient. 

I've gotten quite used too (my camera has been like this for a while), I understand you, I was. but afraid of taken it apart but it worked well and I wanted to share the experience, it might be helpful to more people with the same problem.



If it's the sensor that's going nuts, I would try the following as the work-around.


1.  disable the auto-rotate feature in the menu

2.  use the manual rotate to rotate the picture so it's right side up.



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Thanks for the advice. I have already done that a couple of times but the image displaying upside down is not realy a problem. It is the menu (especially the Quick Menu) that displays upside down when the screen is facing out and folded back (you have to rotate it to do that) as there is no way I can get that to display upright. My 60D was bought late 2010 already and I don't want to spend a lot of money on it at this stage. Apart from trying to fix it myself as already suggested I suppose I will just have to live with it like that untill it finaly gives in completely.

Exactly, the menu issue... Well I got it fixed by the canon tech is not cheap. They changed the all LCD screen actually. It made the trick for sure. It does feel like it is a new camera...

I live in the U.S. They refused to give an idea of the price but they did tell that is sent the camera they would send a quote and the send the camera back for free if I did not want to do anything. They charged $350.00. A bit steep I though. But for the rest they did well. It was very fast, well done.
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