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Canon 5D MK ii Bricked during Firmware update-- Please Help


 Dear Experts:


I got a like new (3000 Actuations) 5D MK ii last year. Last saturday it started acting wierd in Standard Picture style mode. I decided to reinstall the firmware to see if that would help. Yesterday I reinstalled the Canon firmware and my Camera is dead. Only the top electronic panel is live. The Live view / Menu is in accessible.


I tried all the tricks:


1. Remove Battery

2. Removive lens

3. Remove and replace CF card

4. Remove time and date battery.


PLease help! I cannot buy a new Camera and I have some lenses I cant sell for half a price.





You probably need to send it in to Canon.

Thanks! But I called Canon already. They wont take it.


You need to call Canon 1 (800) 652-2666 to see if they still service the Mk II. I would not be surprised if they don't. If they don't give Midwest Camera a call.  I am not sure any third party service shop can fix a botched FW install.


Why people think the FW is the problem as a first resolution is beyond me.

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Thanks for the reply! But I called Canon already. They wont take it.I called another local shop. they wont either

"I called another local shop. they wont either"


Yeah a botched FW install is a problem.  It may not be fixable.  Give Midwest Camera a call.  You can find, search for, their number as I don't think the mods will let me give it to you.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

Lesson learned, if you have a problem with your camera, do not update the FW as a first solution. 


It is almost never the problem and can become a big problem.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!


When you say that you "reinstalled the Canon firmware" did you try to actually try reinstall the same existing firmware? Or did you try to upgrade to a newer version firmware? 

Which firmware was on your camera before the install? And which firmware was on it when you were done? 

Does the camera operate at all? 


Your camera doesn't sound like it is bricked. From what I have read a "bricked" camera will be totally unresponsive. It sounds like yours still partially operates. Since you were having problems earlier, I suspect your problem may not be related to the firmware update, and it is just a coincidence. 

I often see people with camera troubles try a firmware update to "see if that fixes the problem".  To me, this is totally illogical as firmware updates don't fix camera problems. They only address known camera design "bugs" that are well described in the firmware documentation. 


Mike Sowsun

Hi Mike,


Mistake on my part. The exisiting and re-installed versions were the same. The Camera was atleast functional before execpt for the Pink, Yellow pictures in Standard Picture Style.

Pink / Yellow pictures...  


Memory Card

Reset Camera settings

Lens issue

LCD screen or connecting ribbon

PCB Failure


In that order








Flashing FW

Wasn't a good move.  Sorry you're having the issue.

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