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Canon 5D III Tethering


We shoot studio photography using our 5d III which previously has worked perfectly. We have been using Lightroom 5 on Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices via a USB 2.0 cable.


We recently upgraded to a new laptop running Windows 10 with USB 3.0 ports. We are still using our USB 2.0 cable as the 5D III does not supprot USB 3.0 however we now get very rare connection. Windows constantly pings a connection/disconnection sound and Lightroom rarely finds the camera or transfers images. Maybe one in 10 images might transfer. I don't think it's the cable as it still works fine on Windows 8 device with the same version of Lightroom.


Should the 5d III work tethered on Windows 10? Should it work via a USB 3.0 port (my understanding was it would just operate at 2.0 speeds)?



I can't help you with Windows 10, but I do have a 5D III and often shoot tethered either with the Canon-supplied USB cable as well as using a 15' long USB tethering cable and this works fine.  My computer does have USB 3 ports (but it's a Mac - so I'm not sure what guidance I could offer for debugging Windows.)



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


USB is forwards and backwards compatible. The camera and host will negotiate the greatest commonly supported link speed. If you are getting a message telling you to plug it into a USB 2.0 port you can safely ignore it.


But I would upgrade to LR6.3.  Not sure if the earlier versions are Win 10 ready?  Maybe they are.

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