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Cannot communicate with battery - 7D


Dear Friends,

I am a proud owner of 7D for the past 2.5 yrs and have done many trips and shooting with that.

I am not using any battery grip. Have 2 Canon original battery with me.


Fromyesterday night I am getting an error  "Cannot communicate with battery". It is same described in the below link also :-


I am using Original Canon battery and I have tried with both of them but no result.

As per User Guide ,


If the message "Cannot communicate with battery" is displayed when checking the battery status, select [OK] and continue shooting. Please note that the battery level indicator will appear blank.


My concern is :-

1. If I ignore that and continue shooting , will it create any problem to the Camera functionality ?

2. Wil the battery drain fast due to that ?


I am Ok with not displaying the battery infor as of now ( which I will repair by Canon) but need to confirm that the battery functionality will remain as usual. I will be travelling for a birding trip soon and I due to short time I dont want to send it to repair...


Please guide.


Warm Regards,



I've been living with this malfunction for the past six months. I've finally had enough. This is a major issue for so many owners. Canon please help!


After, as usual, no response from canon, I took my camera to on independent repair shop. They confirmed that the 7D has a manufacturing problem, which creates a disconnect within the PCB, as a matter of fact , they told me , it starts with a screw which gets lose, which then creates the issue. If it not fixed in time, that screw can actually unscrew completely and then it can short oit your camera. They told me that there is no software or firm ware ipgrade , which can fix this, and concerning the freezer method decribed by someone, that if the screw is not too lose, the drop i temperature might temporarily fix it again, but it will alsways come back.

Since I had to go on a safari shoot that week, and since they knew exactly what it was, they fixed it within the same day ! And it only cost me $ 180. no more can't communicate with battery message, no more fast draining of battery etc.

I know the $ 180 stil sounds $ 180 too much i. Terms of the supposedly professional brand, who just like car manufaturers do or even super markets, initiate a recall of their products if there is a manufacturing issue, instead of asking if you are a mameber of the canon profesional club, having a wait time of several weeks, asking for rediculois amounts of money, just to see if there is an issue, and then charge an astronomical amount of money tp repair a manufaturing issue that should not have happend in the first place.

My recommendatiion, just find a reliable independent repairshop. Ask them if they have seen this before, and if they can describe ithe issue and the solution, go with them.
If they can not, it means they will kind of make it up on the fly, and I would not risk going with them.

"After, as usual, no response from canon, ..."


This is a forum, it is not the place to request repair or warranty work on Canon products. They have an 800 number for you to use.

I my experience Canon has dealt with me and customers very positively.  Smiley Happy

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

I tried contacting Canon directly and have had no reply as of yet. If the situation changes, I'd happily share the resolution proposed on this thread. I felt I had no option remaining but to vent my frustration here. Apologies if I have overstepped remit of this forum.

Oh, it makes no difference to me. I just wanted to make sure you contacted the correct place and people for your concerns.

Sometimes moderators jump in here with a link but not always.Smiley Indifferent


EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

Hi Pferrerman,

Last time I checked, the social world of the Internet ,derives it's power from the free flow of information. As such I believe you have the right to express your opinion good or bad about products. You need not apologize in my view.


There are always people who believe they need  to indulge in selfpromotion by  boasting many years of  experience, and  to display what equipment they own, to justify their own image of "guru" and behavior of  self appointed "Censor police" without the accountability of offering real solutions.


Out of my own experience , we are talking about a mayor malfunction.You are a frustrated customer and user , who  has the right to express yourself, especially if the normal channels do not work to your satisfaction  and you  need help. 


If I were a manufacturer with a reputation of quality to maintain, I would pick up this thread and reach out to you.


Canon is a fantastic company, with wonderful products, and I myself, although faced with the same issue would never dream of shopping for a different product. I hope they will pick up your distress signal and that of many others.


Because of time constraints I resorted to a third party repair shop who did a great job in one day, at a very reasonable price. And still a Canon fan !


Kind regards





"There are always people who believe they need  to indulge in selfpromotion by  boasting many years of  experience, and  to display what equipment they own, to justify their own image of "guru" and behavior of  self appointed "Censor police" without the accountability of offering real solutions."


Yeah, how true, and then there are some that  don't have enough self esteem to dispaly there real name. Takes all kinds don't it?  Smiley Surprised

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

My faith is also being tested with Canon as well with all of this, lack of responses.

I posted back on Dec. 19 after I shelled out $300 bucks for the "Comminuicate' fix that my EP-L6 battery showed 1 red bar, After buying new Canon lithium batteries (another $200) - showing 3 green bars. Well as of March 15th they BOTH now show 1 red bar - meaning "pretty close to dead."


1001 photos since Jan...not even close to my normal photo taking and the batteries are almost shot?? - 1000 pics, heck I really haven't been out that much this winter, its been downright miserable.


No idea whats going, I'm a tad disgusted at this point.


"Battery Info"




My 7D same  Cannot communicate with battery


I am dissaponted with Canon not becuase my Camera do have a problem but becuase this is a very common problem.


I hope Service center will not charge me anything.


2 Years old Canon 7D





Hi Jeffjefz,


please find a link to an article which put me on the scent to a solution.


When I discussed the issue with my local certified repair shop, they described almost 1:1 the same reasons for the issue and the recommended procedure.


As this was a known problem for them, they were able to fix it relatively easily.


This is probably an open door, but:

1) Check your warranty expiration date and if still valid and you can do without your camera for a number of weeks, contact the Canon support center. In my case: warranty had expired.  I do not know what to recommend if they do not respond.

2) if you are a professional user club member, then Canon should really be able to help. (I am not a member ) 

3) if your warranty has expired and you are in a hurry, then a certified local repair shop is a good idea, as it was for me.


kind regards,




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