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Camera won't open


Hello. I would like to ask what could be the problem of my canon camera eos kiss X5. It won't open whenever memory card is put in. Though it opens/works when there is no memory card inserted.



My sister just purchased a new canon and it just won’t turn on. The battery is fully charged, but I need an adapter for my micro SD memory card, so haven’t inserted one yet. Would it refuse to turn on without a memory card? That makes no sense? Help!

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Edit: so I figured out that the microswitch behind that detects that the battery door is closed needed adjusting. I just pushed it forward slightly with a toothpick and it switched on the minute I closed the door. Thanks for help!!



"Won't open whenever a memory card is put in".  What does this mean exactly?  What are you trying to do, or what is the expected result?

Please provide the steps you are performing.  If you are connecting the camera to something, (a computer for example) tell us about that.  Operating system, etc.  Finally, provide any observations, troubleshooting you performed, or anything else you believe might be relevant. 

We can try to help once we know what you are trying to accomplish or do.



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