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Camera turns on, then freezes


My camera was working flawlessly, then, the next time I took it out it just stopped.  I can turn it on and when I look through the viewfinder and click the button to focus, it just freezes up. I have to turn it off to unfreeze it. When I turn it back on, it does the same thing.  I bought a brand new battery thinking it was the battery, but it does the exact same thing. No clue.


I have a Rebel EOS T3


Thanks in advance.



You may eventually have to perform a complete reset of the camera.  Check that your memory storage card is good. 


We don't know what "freezes up" looks like.  Does the red "busy" light turn on?  Can you access menus, and make changes to the date/time, before you take a picture?  Can you download images?  When you take a picture does the rear LCD show the image? 


Try to describe everything that you do and see, so that someone else can try to reproduce the issue and better understand it.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

By freezes up, I mean you can't do ANYTHING, but turn the camera off. Cant access the menu, can focus, can't take a pic, no buttons work, period.

However, I think I fixed it. I cleaned the contacts between the lens and the camera body and so far, it seems to be working again. I think it was a problem with the lens communicating with the camera.