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Camera taking blurry/hazy photos with different lenses

Hi guys,

My Rebel T2i has started taking blurry/hazy photos that are not crisp. I've tried multiple lenses and settings and it's still not getting crisp anymore. It's not due to light/shutter speed/AF. It used to take great crisp closeups. Any suggestions of what to try?




Can you attach some before/after shots?


Are you too close for the lens? (i.e., closer than the minimum focusing distance?)


II'm not sure if you can tell from that photo, but if you can zoom in, you'll see it's not really that focused. It has a hazy effect, sort of like some kind of UV disturbance or something. I can't get it to get crisp, and i tried several lenses. I will attach a cropped version of a photo so you can see the close up. i don't think it's a problem of being too close. It beeps that it is focused and I tried backing away and zooming more as well...

Do you have one you consider acceptable?


Note that the one here is curved. If the "South" is acceptable and the others aren't you might be having a depth of field problem. Try shooting at f/8.

Here's an old photo taken on the same camera (new computer so i don't have the uncropped image but this is from our website...) can you see how much crisper it is? rp_l_thankful_original.jpg



@angelaglamb wrote:


Where was the focus point in this photo?  You need three things for the camera to focus properly:  sufficient light, sufficient distance, and sufficient contrast.  Depending upon where focus point was aimed, I'm not sure if you had enough contrast in this series of shots.

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All these are closeups and it does look like the sort of thing you see if you are inside the minimum focus distance.


Do you have any recent shot of something farther away?  Preferably something shot with the camera AF set to use just the center AF point?


What lenses have you tried?




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